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About Us

E komo mai and thank you for visiting our online store!​

KEILAHA is a Hawaiian fabric doggie clothing collection for local pooches in Hawaii, or even "haole" (not Hawaiian native) pooches everywhere and anywhere in the mainland. Our store opened in August of 2013.


Although we cannot compete with the bottom rock low prices of mega superstores like Walmart and Target, you will be very surprised to find out that our prices are very reasonable and competitive, considering that all of our line collection is crafted and made in the U.S.A. (Yes, we believe in keeping the jobs here in the U.S.!) The fabrics we used are meticulously selected, and are direct from the Islands of Hawaii. Moreover, the best part of it is that, our designs and creations are definitely made with Aloha!


Our concept started with our love of dogs, and coupled with our love of Hawaii. We love to dress our two spoiled Maltese pooches Burberry (she passed away in May 2015) and Armani. However, it was hard to find an abundant selection of doggie clothing stores that carry variety of doggie clothing using Hawaiian print fabric. In the middle of getting some custom-made doggie clothing using Hawaiian print fabric for Burberry and Armani, we came up with the idea of having a line of doggie clothing store using mostly Hawaiian print fabrics.


Our mission is to provide a Hawaiian print fabric line of clothing for dogs that are reasonably priced and affordable to all dog owners, without having the quality of the product suffer. 


We would also like our doggie clothing line to be distributed by vendors who sell Hawaiian products and merchandise at various Hawaiian Trade and Community Shows in the mainland.


In the course of time and with your support, we envision to create corporate partnership with dog rescue groups that help raise awareness and funds for animal welfare programs. We strongly believe that this is one way of giving back the unconditional love and happiness we receive from our furry friends.


Mahalo nui loa,



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